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Developing leaders. Advancing peace.

What is the Farah Family Youth Peace Scholarship?

The Farah Family and the YMCA are inviting youth school groups of all ages in Hamilton, Burlington, and Brantford area to apply for a grant of $500 - $2,500 to support youth-led projects that:

  • Encourages the advancement of peace in their community
  • Promotes non-violence within the family, community, nationally or internationally
  • Demonstrates ways to live in peace and harmony in an increasingly diverse society
  • Supports leadership in global awareness among young people
  • Encourages global responsibility and action towards positive change
The intiative should also:

Promote civic engagment
Encourage empathy and understanding through communication
Actively lead and support leadership
Connect and collaboarate through communities by building connections
Empower and inspire others to create positive personal and social change

The awards are generously funded by the Farah Family Foundation. In 2020, grants will be awarded to 1-5 successful applicants totaling $2,500.

With the initiative of these grants it is our hope that we can encourage more young people to foster a culture of peace in their school and community; promote peace and cross-cultural understanding; and build skills for civic engagement. We also wish to inspire others to join them in creating a more peaceful world.

View Farah Family Youth Peace Scholarship Information Package

Applications are now closed.

Awarding is not automatic: The Youth Reviewing Committee and the YMCA Peace Medal Committee reserves the right to not issue the award in full or in part of the $2,500 funding available, should candidates not meet criteria.