Managing chronic health conditions in a community setting.

In partnership with Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University, the YMCA is pleased to provide a series of health rehabilitation, prevention and education programs designed for individuals with a variety of conditions or illnesses. Registration and intake required prior to the start of the program.

YMCA LiveWell Partnership Programs

Back to Living Well
This program has been designed for those with low back pain and includes a functional group exercise class, individualized exercise programming in the fitness centre, and selfmanagement educational sessions.

Community exercise program focusing on strength, balance, flexibility and endurance in an effort to reduce the risk of falling.

Fit for Function
This 12-week program for individuals living with stroke can help in your recovery with exercises aimed at improving your mobility, strength, balance, gait and coordination. There are also educational sessions based on the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Living with Stroke program. Medical clearance is required.

This class has a variety of ballroom dance styles with an emphasis on fun. No dance experience is necessary. Program is designed for individuals with limited mobility or memory.

Healthy Hearts
This cardiac rehabilitation program is designed for individuals following a cardiac episode. Participants have access to a health professional and LiveWell Specialist. A doctor’s referral and stress test is required.

In Motion
Designed for individuals suffering from chronic joint or bone issues such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. The program is ideal for those wanting to optimize their health pre and post surgically for a hip and/or knee replacement. Hydro Therapy, Walkfit and GentleFit classes are included in this program.

Optimal Fitness
This research study is designed for the older adult with reduced mobility. The program focuses on optimizing independence, mobility and an active lifestyle. Participants are randomized to one of three groups.