Vital care and early learning opportunities for children 0 months to 3.8 years of age.

We know you can't always be with your child - and that's why we are here for you.

With decades of experience in child care, we provide a safe, nurturing environment for children to learn to build healthy relationships and develop school readiness skills.

Our licensed YMCA Child Care centres provide high-quality for your child in a warm and stimulating envionment where they can learn, grow, and thrive.

The early years are key in your child's development. That is why we developed YMCA Playing to Learn - it helps children learn the way they learn best.

Let us help build your child's enthusiasm and capacity for lifelong learning through guided play and discovery.

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The YMCA has full day child care centres in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford. 

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To learn more about YMCA Child Care, activities, procedures and policies, please download the Child Care Handbook.

How to Apply for Full Day Child Care

Hamilton and Burlington

Applications must be completed online through My Y Account.

If you do not have a My Y Account, please create one to get started.

Create a My Y Account

  1. Login to your My Y Account
  2. Select My Profile,
  3. Select Clients,
  4. Select Add Additional to add your child to the account.

If your child doesn't have a name or birth date yet, please use Baby for the first name and your last name, and use your due date for the date of birth.

  1. Select Child Care at the top of the screen. 
  2. Select your desired Location, (select Child Care Centre, NOT School Age Child Care)
  3. Select All Sessions,
  4. Click the Search button.
  5. Expand the Registration Information drop down,
  6. Click the orange Waitlist button on the right of the screen.
  7. Fill in the requested information, 
  8. Click Check Out to complete.


Applications for YMCA Child Care in Brantford must be completed through the Brantford One List:

Brantford One List

When a space becomes available, our staff will be in contact to discuss registration.

Registration Instructions

Click here to download a PDF version of the Child Care application instructions.

Three reasons to trust your child's care to the YMCA

YMCA Playing to Learn

YMCA Playing to Learn is a national YMCA curriculum that helps children discover learning through creative play and aligns with primary school benchmarks.  

Play is the foundation for learning to read and write, and for learning mathematics, science and technology. Our curriculum fosters a child's enthusiasm and capacity for lifelong learning making it a key reason parents choose YMCA Child Care. 

In our care, your child will learn through story time, playing with blocks, counting and comparing items, creating pictures, singing, make-believe, exploring and investigating their world.

Quality Assurance 

YMCA Child Care operates with consistent best practices and standards across the country.  

All YMCA Child Care programs are licensed under the Child Care Early Years Act with regular evaluation to ensure quality in Child Care practices. They are also inspected annually to confirm compliance by Ministry standards. 


As a YMCA program, you can trust that we’re committed to: 

  • Supporting and strengthening families like yours
  • Promoting the core values of belonging, caring, honesty, respect and responsibility
  • Caring for your child in a safe, positive environment 
  • Helping your child develop to their fullest potential during those crucial early years.

Frequently Asked Questions about Full Day Child Care

If you'd like to apply for Child Care prior to your due date, simply use the name 'Baby' and your last name for registration (if you haven't yet chosen a name). You can put the child's due date as the birthday.

Once your child has been born, you can simply email our team at to update the correct name and birth date for the file. 

Yes, you can apply to as many Child Care Centre's as you choose. You will need to select each centre individually, expand the registration information and then click the orange waitlist button.

Please ensure when you are joining a waitlist, you are selecting the Child Care Centre and NOT the School Age Child Care Centre. 

Once you have completed the requested information and clicked the 'Check Out' option to complete you have registered for the Child Care wait list.

When you login to My Y Portal, and select 'My Programs' you will see the child care centre listed and that you are on the waitlist. 

You can find our Full Day Child Care pricing for Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford by clicking the button below:

Full Day Child Care Fees

If you have additional general questions about our child care programming (dietary requirements, full and part-time scheduling, rates, staffing, etc.) Please fill out our general inquiry form and a member of our Child Care team will be in touch.

General Inquiry Form

YMCA Child Care Administrative Contact Information

Manager, Child Care (Burlington)

Whitney Bebb
P: 905-632-5000 ex. 6257
F: 905-333-1767