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Open the door to employment opportunities

Open the door to employment and volunteer possibilities through our YMCA Aquatic Certifications programs. Certification as a lifeguard or swimming instructor can lead to employment opportunities at the YMCA and elsewhere. You'll also develop leadership skills that can have a profound impact on your future success.

Certification Programs

Excellent preparation for success in Bronze Medallion. Participants develop problem-solving and decision-making skills individually and in partners. Candidates learn CPR and develop the lifesaving skills needed to be their own lifeguard. Includes a timed 400 m swim.

Prerequisite: None (Swim Patrol experience recommended.)

In Bronze Medallion we emphasize the lifesaving principles embodied  in the four components of water-rescue education: judgement, knowledge, skill, and fitness.

Rescuers will learn tows and carries as well as defence methods and releases, preparing themselves for challenging rescues involving conscious and unconscious victims of various types.

Bronze Medallion is a Lifesaving Society (LS) certification offered through the YMCA.

Prerequisite: Must be 13 years or older, or have completed Bronze Star

We offer Bronze Cross classes for lifesavers who want the challenge of more advanced training, including an introduction to safe supervision in aquatic facilities.

In this class we focus on the principles of teamwork, procedures, and the use of special equipment.

Bronze Cross is a Lifesaving Society (LS) certification offered through the YMCA. It is a prerequisite for all LS advanced training programs, including National Lifeguard and Instructor Certifications (YMCA, Lifesaving Society and Red Cross).

Prerequisite: Must have completed Bronze Medallion and Emergency and CPR B certifications.

Learn how to fulfill your role as a professional facilitator of safe, enjoyable aquatics for everyone.

The National Lifeguard (NL) course emphasizes teamwork, leadership, and communication in the prevention of accidents and in first aid treatment of medical emergencies. 

National Lifeguard is a Lifesaving Society (LS) certification offered through the YMCA. National Lifeguard is the only nationally recognized lifeguard certification in Canada.

Prerequisite: Must be 15 years or older and have completed Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and CPR C certifications.

Standard First Aid incorporates all the emergency First Aid and is designed for those who require a more in-depth understanding including: legal implications of first aid treatment, spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone, joint or chest injuries, and medical emergencies. Includes CPR C certification.

Standard First Aid + CPR C is a Lifesaving Society (LS) certification offered through the YMCA.