YMCA Men’s Residence Offers Deeply Affordable Housing Options for Men at Risk.

Mens Residence

Randy is an aspiring comedian who has lived at the YMCA Men’s Residence, in Downtown Hamilton, for more than a decade. 

For Randy, the Men’s Residence offered him an opportunity to be independent—to live on his own while he chases his dream. It’s his home, and the people there have given him a sense of community. 

“This is the best place right now for me. I’m trying to organize myself accordingly with what I have and what I need to move on further. This for me is practicality.” says Randy. 

The YMCA Men’s Residence is deeply affordable housing, supporting men at risk, many facing both health and social challenges. We offer 24-hour font desk support including navigation of critical community support services with key partner agencies. 

“What the YMCA does really doesn't exist anywhere else in the community,” says Genevieve Hladysh, Vice President of Health, Fitness, and Aquatics. 



Genevieve says it’s about giving these men dignity. That can be as simple as a staff member making an extra sandwich for one of the residents at lunch or partnering with the Hamilton Police Social Navigator Program (SNP) to ensure these men have the resources they need to move forward. 

“We work with individuals who are unhoused and try to get them into transitional living opportunities,” says Naomi Henderson, a paramedic working with program. 

“Once they’re into the Y we remain with them and support them through their day to day, with whatever connections they need,” she says. 

“We work with them to maintain housing and connect them to services they need to remain where they are. We help them to go to appointments, get to a food bank, keep their room clean, and just maintain the housing that they have while they’re looking for something further if that’s their goal.” 

“In all my years as a paramedic, I feel this is the work that I’m doing that is saving lives every day.”  

Genevieve says life events like a job loss, addiction, mental health conditions, a workplace accident, or a family situation can quickly bring someone to need the support of the Y, and that’s why she says the YMCA ecosystem is so important. 

“We’re helping people navigate to our employment services to find work, to our health and fitness centres for their mental health and well-being, but it’s also just knowing that you’re part of something bigger,” she says. 

“I think it’s really important that someone knows your name. These men are someone’s father, son, or brother.” 

“I’ve had the opportunity to visit many of the places where these men might be staying if they weren’t at the YMCA, and for me it was eye-opening. It helped me understand why people feel so safe staying here—it’s because of the community that’s created around the residents.” 

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