YMCA Makes Strides in Serving Young People and Seniors in Early 2024

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Hamilton, Ontario – June 5, 2024: The YMCA Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford is pleased to report significant progress in serving young people and seniors during the first quarter of 2024. These early results highlight the YMCA's dedication to fostering a vibrant and healthy community.
In the first three months of the year, the YMCA served 31,337 young people, surpassing last year’s first-quarter figure of 27,596. This achievement brings the organization closer to its 2024 goal of supporting 55,606 young people. For those requiring extra support, the YMCA has already reached 5,370 individuals, slightly up from 5,144 in the same period last year.
Seniors have also seen benefits from the YMCA's programs. By the end of March, 3,980 seniors were served, compared to 3,171 in the first quarter of 2023. The YMCA's 2024 target is to serve 4,698 seniors. Among seniors needing additional assistance, 609 were served this quarter, just above last year's number of 597.
Access the full Annual Operating Plan First Quarter Results on our website.
“The first quarter of 2024 has shown us what we can achieve together,” said Manny Figueiredo, President & CEO of the YMCA Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford. “Our focus on YES priorities—Young people, Employees, and Seniors—continues to drive our success. This progress wouldn't be possible without the incredible support from our dedicated staff and community partners. We are on track, but there's more work to be done.”
These numbers reflect the YMCA's commitment to supporting individuals at all stages of life. The YMCA's ecosystem of programs aims to foster youth development, positive leadership, and active aging. The organization also prioritizes reaching those who need it most.
“These first-quarter results are incredibly significant as we show progress recovering from the lockdowns,” added Figueiredo. “Supporting young people with mental health resources and helping seniors overcome social isolation are critical priorities for us. The progress we’ve made reflects our commitment to fostering a healthy, connected community. Our staff’s dedication and the community’s support are making a real difference in the lives of those we serve.”
The YMCA’s first-quarter results, shared to the Board Members at the 2024 AGM on May 28, are promising, and the community can look forward to more updates in September. With continued support and hard work, the YMCA aims to meet and exceed its 2024 targets, building a healthier, saving more lives, and more inclusive community for everyone.

Annual Operating Plan 2024

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