Igniting Potential, Saving Lives with a New Strategic Plan


Hamilton, Ontario, January 15, 2024: The YMCA of Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford is excited to announce its transformative journey with two pivotal features, Shine On and The Y Saves Lives, as part of its new Strategic Plan for the next five years.     

“With our new Strategic Plan 2024-2028, we are placing the signature elements of Shine On and The Y Saves Lives at the forefront of our vision, mission and values,” said Manny Figueiredo, President & CEO, YMCA of Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford. “This approach is rooted in our deep understanding of community needs, shaped by recent challenges and the global pandemic. We're committed to breaking down barriers and creating a YMCA that's a welcoming space for everyone.” 

Shine On represents more than just a new logo; it's the YMCA's commitment to nurturing potential in everyone. This platform focuses on recognizing and supporting the unique abilities of each individual, creating an environment where everyone can succeed. It’s about guiding the way to a more inclusive future and reflects their mission to build stronger communities with opportunities for all to grow and thrive. 

In tandem with Shine On, The Y Saves Lives campaign highlights the YMCA's role as a charitable organization committed to making a significant impact. This multi-year philanthropic effort is centred on sharing the life-saving stories of members who utilize YMCA programs. It demonstrates how the YMCA can be a constant presence in one's life, particularly in times of greatest need. 

“Our efforts in health, community support, and education are about creating a safety net that spans a lifetime in a vital ecosystem of YMCA offerings,” said Figueiredo. “We are dedicated to uplifting individuals at every stage of their journey, providing programs and spaces where everyone can feel a sense of belonging and empowerment.” 

To achieve our Strategic Plan, the YMCA will focus on its YES priorities, targeting young people, employees, and seniors. This approach positions children, youth, and young adults as the legacy and future in the community, considers employees as key drivers in carrying out the organization’s mission, and supports senior members, reflecting the commitment to lifelong health. 

“The YMCA is on a mission to build communities where everyone belongs, can thrive, and has the support they need at every life stage,” added Figueiredo. “The next five years are about deepening our impact through these initiatives, ensuring that our services and support are more accessible and effective than ever.” 

As the YMCA embarks on this exciting journey, they invite the community to join them in making these visions a reality. Together with the communities, the YMCA can ignite potential and save lives, creating a lasting impact for generations to come. 

Media Contact:  

Shawn McKillop, APR  
Senior Vice President, Communications and Digital Transformation  
YMCA Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford  
905-317-4900 | shawn.mckillop@ymcahbb.ca