Don's Story

Don Nagy

Meet Don. He’s been a member of the YMCA for 27 years. He joined with a friend, and until that friend’s recent passing, they would meet up to have lunch once a week. 

Two years ago, Don suffered a stroke. It was a scary situation that left him unsure of what to do next. After he was given the OK by his doctors Don joined the LiveWell program—something he says made all the difference in getting him back to where he was before the stroke. 

Don says he would not be where he is today without the help of Christine Smith, a LiveWell specialist at Ron Edwards Family YMCA. She was the spark that ignited Don’s potential, and according to his doctors, it’s thanks to his exercise routine that he recovered so well from what can often be a life-alerting event. 

While he may still have some lingering issues, you can find Don working out at the Y 3 to 4 times a week. 

For Don, like so many others, the Y is more than a gym. He understands the importance of exercise, but even more, he sees—and feels—what it means to have friendships and a community that supports you. 

“I love the people at the YMCA from members to staff, their friendliness and compassion. They all have hearts of gold,” he says. 

The Y helped Don recover physically following a stroke, but the Y—and more importantly the people he found there—also showed him community and has helped him lead a fuller life. 

Every day the Y saves lives by igniting the potential in people to thrive and creating spaces where everyone feels like they belong.

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