Registration opens on Monday, March 18, 2024 at 8:00am.

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Payment Options & Schedule 

Our online system accepts VISA Credit, MasterCard Credit or Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) (Direct Deposit information required
for EFT includes: Transit Number, Institution Number and Account Number). If you are unable to pay by one of these methods, please contact the Day Camp department at 905-317-4929. 
Payments can be made: 

  • In full at time of registration 

  • In full post-dated on May 15th

  • Post-dated and split between May 15th and June 15th

Please note: If you are in receipt of subsidy and registering online, you will need to post-date your payment to May 15th and June 15th to allow administration time to change your payment to reflect your contract. Families are responsible for indicating their receipt of subsidy at the time of registration, or risk being charged the full fee. All contracts must be submitted by May 3rd in order for our Day Camp Team to have time to adjust your payment for May 15th. Families must contact their subsidy worker to confirm summer camp subsidy. The YMCA highly encourages families to reach out as soon as possible to avoid processing delays.

Once the Post-Dated deadline has passed, payment is due at time of registration.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your child's Day Camp registration. Please contact us at 905-317-4929 or email

Please note: We do not accept VISA Debit or American Express. If you use a Visa Debit card, the system will accept the card, but will not process the payment. Parents will be responsible for making their missed payment within 3 business days and will be charged a $10 service fee per failed transaction. Visa Debit users are required to use the EFT option, using Transit/Institution/Account number details.

Families can log in to their CampBrain accounts for access to receipts for tax purposes. If you need help accessing your account, please contact the day camp office.

Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy is available to families that qualify through the City of Hamilton, Brantford or Regional Municipality of Halton.
Registration limits for our Specialty Camps at Chippewa Christie Lake based on region.

  • Hamilton - 2 weeks maximum
  • Burlington - No limit
  • Brantford - Cannot register for Specialty camps

There are no registration limits for General Camp Chippewa or Community Camps.

Please direct inquiries to:

  • City of Hamilton: 905.546.4870 
  • City of Brantford Child Care Services: 519.756.3150 
  • Regional Municipality of Halton: 905.825.6000

Subsidy Registration Instructions

Financial Assistance - For those who need it most 

Through the generosity of donors from across our community, the YMCA can assist with the payment of two weeks of YMCA Day Camp fees. If your financial circumstances are limiting your ability to register for Day Camp programs, please contact the YMCA to arrange a Day Camp Assistance appointment. All inquiries will be confidential. All appointments will take place virtually and booked through an online booking portal.

  •  For families residing in Hamilton, Burlington, and surrounding areas: 905-317-4929
  • For families residing in Brantford and surrounding areas: 519-512-4891 ext 3101

How to prepare for your appointment:

  • Complete your camper's online registration
  • Post-date and split your payment between May 15, 2024 and June 15, 2024
  • Bring supporting documentation (2023 Tax information, pay statements, government assistance statement, etc)

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