It's exciting getting ready to go to camp but the experience can also raise a lot of questions. Let us help you by answering your questions.

Packing for Wanakita

Waterproof rain gear is an absolute necessity! Wanakita is fortunate to have clear blue sunny skies for most of the summer but rainy days do happen and camp programs continue. Please involve your camper in the packing process - it helps them recognize everything they bring to camp, makes packing at camp much easier, and will help your camper realize that they will be off to camp very soon. Luggage must travel by bus, van, or car before it gets to camp, and then by people power before it gets to your camper's cabin. Large backpacks, duffel bags, and hockey bags are the most effective type of camper luggage. Please clearly label all items of luggage in large letters with your camper's first and last name. Download your camper's packing list.

Food Service

We're committed to healthy living and an integral part of that is serving campers delicious and nutritious meals that sustain them throughout all the fun. Meals and snacks are planned by our full-time Food Services team. We give special attention to dietary requirements, age of participants, program content and length of stay. We can accommodate allergies, vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher needs. Portions are hearty in size and are served family and buffet style, or on out-trips - beneath the open skies. Make sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or information on your registration.

Allergies - Nuts & Other Food

Many of our summer campers have severe, sometimes life-threatening allergies to nuts and other food. Our Food Services team chooses ingredients and designs menus to minimize the risk to these children and our Tuck Shop does not sell any items containing nuts. When packing, please do not send any product that may contain nut ingredients. If campers have nut products, their counsellor and our Health Services Staff will dispose of them. Please screen all items for any traces of nuts before sending. We want everyone to have a happy and healthy stay at camp.

Staying in Touch with Your Camper

Campers are very busy while at Wanakita, so please do not be surprised if letters, ​ postcards from camp are brief and infrequent. It's a good sign! Please consider sending stamped, self-addressed envelopes and paper with your child to make it easier for them to stay in touch. Please make sure YMCA Wanakita / Your child's name is in the address of incoming mailPlease keep communications from home upbeat, positive, and legible.  Children need reassurance that there are friends and family out there who care about them and want them to have fun at camp. Don’t focus on the great times your child is missing at home, or on how much you miss your camper. If you get an unhappy letter from your children, please don’t panic. It is most likely that by the time you get the letter, whatever made them unhappy is long since forgotten. If you have a concern, please call us to discuss it. We want camp to​ ​ be a positive experience for both campers and parents.


Electronic mail at Wanakita is one way. Your child will not be able to email you. An email service is provided to the families of our campers by our partners in camping​​: Bunk1.comThese E-mails are printed ONCE A DAY usually before noon and sent to each campers through our internal mail system.

The Pre-Approved Registration Code for summer 2019 is: B1WANAKITA

How to sign up for Bunk Notes

1. Go to our website a

2. Click the “Camp Photos / Camper Email” button *

3. Click “Register Now”

4. Enter your Pre-Approved Registration Code: B1WANAKITA

5. Fill out all the required information

6. Purchase Bunk Note credits (you will need a credit card)

7. View camper pictures and send an email to your camper!

Please Note: Emails to your camper are not cepted through our regular Wanakita email account.

Mobile Phones

Camp is an immersive experience. Separated from the familiar routines and security of friends and family, children develop increased confidence, self-reliance, independence and peer relationships. We ask that all of our camper families help preserve this traditional camp experience and please do not send a mobile phone with your camper. Aside from the limited service / signal at Wanakita, we remind all campers not to bring valuables with them to camp. If campers bring a mobile device, it will be collected by the counsellor and held in trust until the end of camp.

Health & Wellness

We take our campers' health and safety very seriously. YMCA Wanakita has an experienced registered nurse or doctor on site 24 hours a day, and can treat minor injuries, illnesses and dispense daily medications.

If your camper is taking medication, please be sure to indicate all medications on your child's registration form. Medications must be packed at the top of their luggage. Ensure that medications are clearly labeled with the camper's name and accurate directions for their use are included. Upon arrival at camp, all medications will be entrusted to the Health Services Staff, who will be responsible for dispensing them. Please do not give medication to bus staff. If any additional medication is purchased at camp, it will be added to your account and an invoice will be mailed.

Homesickness Preparedness

When children are away from home, it is reasonable to assume that they need time to adjust to the camp situation and may go through some days of homesickness. This is a very natural reaction of all ages and it is important for parents to realize that this is something which children need to experience and see it through to the finish.

By overcoming homesickness, children attain the degree of independence which is necessary for them to grow into self-reliant, mature individuals. Please allow campers to try camp and deal with their homesickness before resorting to picking up your child early. It may be harder for the camper to overcome this natural reaction if a promise is made by the parents to 'rescue' the child.

Laundry Service

An individual laundry service is available. Laundry will be washed, dried, folded and returned within a 24 hour period. If you are interested in laundry service for your camper, please indicate on the registration form or online registration. Laundry service must be purchased at least one month before camp.

Personalized Clothing Labels

It is recommended that parents label their children's clothing to reduce the amount of belongings that go missing. It also means that your child can have fun while at camp instead of worrying about losing their clothing and shoes. Get your kids organized for camp with personalized labels. There are a variety of companies that create personalized labels such as Mabel's Labels and Lovable Labels.

Tuck Shop

Wanakita operates a tuck shop during the summer. Campers and SCs may purchase snacks, clothing, souvenirs, and toiletries every other day while at camp. Each camper has an individual account, and purchases made are debited against the balance. Tuck deposits should be made at the time of registration.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

We recognize that sometimes plans change and you must withdraw your child from camp. In order to receive a full refund (less the 15% non-refundale deposit), participants must cancel by the final payment date of APRIL 30th. After this time, refunds will be given for medical reasons only (with medical certification). All refunds must be made in writing.

  • Refunds are not granted if parent/guardian withdraws the camper from the session early, or if the camper is sent home for misconduct.
  • A $35 NSF will be levied on all declined payments.
  • We reserve all rights to charge any outstanding balance to your credit card on file unless other methods of payment are provided.
  • View the complete Registration Notes and Conditions of Enrolment.
  • YMCA Wanakita reserves the right to cancel any program if a minimum number of participants have not registered one week before the program.

Financial Assistance

At YMCA Wanakita, we believe that everyone deserves to experience camp, regardless of their financial status. If your financial circumstances make it difficult for you to register for a YMCA Wanakita program, you may be eligible for support through our YMCA Strong Kids Campaign. Contact us for more information at 1-800-387-5081.