Where are you located?

We are located on Koshlong Lake in the Haliburton Highlands. The closest town is Haliburton, 15 minutes away, with grocery stores, department stores, pharmacies, restaurants, a hospital and library.

Family Camp sounds great! Can I attend with just spouse?

Wanakita Family Camp defines a family as multi-generational, and preference is given to families fitting that description. If one or more adults wish to attend without children, there is the opportunity, assuming availability, for a registered family to invite you to stay as a guest in their cabin.

My kids are now grown but I want to keep attending.

We understand - past family campers have a strong connection to YMCA Wanakita. Our first priority is to provide this multi-generational experience to today’s families so they can develop these same strong connections with their family that you experienced. We do provide opportunities for adults to come to Wanakita during our Getaway Weekends and Work Weekends.

Do you have cell phone reception?

Cell reception at camp is very limited. A short walk around camp to find a cellular pocket, or if needed, a drive into town, will provide you with better cell phone reception and/or access to internet. For your convenience, there is a payphone located at camp.

Do you have Wi-Fi or access to internet?

Family campers find that the more they disconnect from their electronic devices, the more they connect with their family and friends. We encourage you to enjoy the beautiful setting, have fun, take part in activities and relax in the company of family, friends, staff and campers around you. As such, access to internet is not available at Family Camp. We do however recognize that internet access is sometimes a necessity. There are several places in Haliburton (15 minutes away) that offer free Wi-Fi. As well, it is sometimes possible to create an internet hotspot at camp through the use of mobile internet stick or device, though speed and service is limited.

What are the accommodations and washrooms like?

Each family is assigned to a cabin of their own. Cabins come in various sizes (from 3-12 beds), but all are outfitted with single beds or bunk beds with vinyl covered foam mattresses. Please bring your own linens (sheets and blankets or sleeping bags), pillows, towels, etc… Each cabin has electricity. Some but not all cabins have baseboard heating. If concerned about the temperature, please feel free to bring a small space heater for your cabin.

Washrooms are located in three centralized buildings around camp with private stalls for showers and toilets which are cleaned several times each day.

What is the food like?

The food is great! All meals are served in our dining hall, three times a day (8:30am, 12:30pm and 5:30pm) as well as an evening snack around 8:15pm. We provide delicious and nutritious meals with lots of options that both kids and adults love. A hot oatmeal bar and cold cereal are available at breakfast in addition to the regularly served hot meal. A salad and soup bar is available at lunch in addition to the regularly served meal. Coffee, tea, juice, hot chocolate, toast, fruit and other snacks are available 24 hours a day at a self-serve station in the dining room.

Can you accommodate my dietary needs?

Please ensure you let us know of any dietary requirements before you arrive to camp. We can accommodate many dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan and most food allergies and religious dietary restrictions, when notified ahead of time. If you have a food preference or a food you simply don’t like, we can do our best, but can’t guarantee it can be avoided. There are always lots of options at meals otherwise.

Can I bring my own snacks?

Yes, you can definitely bring your own snacks, though we strongly encourage that they be tightly sealed and kept in your cabin or the trunk of your car, to avoid attracting critters. We also sell snacks, ice and other amenities in our Tuck Shop which is open twice daily. Please avoid bringing any products that contain nuts.

What happens during the day?

Throughout the day we run family-friendly programs as well as programs organized by age groups. You can choose to attend as many or as few programs as you please. Programs are run by enthusiastic and qualified staff members. In addition, many program areas are open to use on your own, such as our hiking and biking trails, waterfront, canoes and kayaks. Evening programs are scheduled every day, and include a mix of age-specific and family-friendly activities. Our programs run rain or shine (except during thunder storms or high winds). Check out our sample schedule.