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When it's time, help us bring kids back to the Y.

The pandemic has significantly impacted the social and mental well-being of our children. The pandemic's harmful effects, including lack of physical activity, education loss, and mental health conditions could lead to irreversible impacts on our children and adolescents...
  • 70% of children reported worse mental health during COVID-19 lockdowns
  • Social isolation is the most significant risk factor for mental health among children and youth which points to the importance of in-person recreation and social activities
  • 40% of children with no previous mental health issues have experienced deterioration of their mental health
  • Over the course of the pandemic, only 3% of Canadian children met basic physical activity guidelines
Kids are longing to return to camp, swim lessons, and programs where they can make new friends and memories. Unfortunately, not every child will be able to take part with 1 in 3 children needing financial assistance.

When it's time, we're committed to ensuring EVERY child, no matter what challenges they may face, can return safely to the Y to get back to the things they love.

Every dollar you donate goes directly to support the GREATEST NEEDS which supports membership assistance and subsidized programs for children to return to the YMCA.

How you can help...

  • $20 a month can give a child access to swim lessons and recreational programs for one year
  • $50 a month can provide 3 children with a week at YMCA Day Camp
  • $100 a month will give a family of 4 access to swim lessons and recreational programs for one year

Supporting our Communities' Greatest Needs

A trusted community leader and partner, the YMCA of Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford delivers high quality programs and services that respond to emergent needs in our community. Annually, we serve more than 127,000 individuals and provide financial assistance to more than 23,000 individuals each year to support participation in YMCA programs.

In the face of the current pandemic, we remind ourselves that the YMCA is more than a place - it is a purpose.
With the generous support from our donors and funders, we continue to provide much-needed support to our community:
  • Over 45,000 meals have been provided to the 174 at-risk residents at the Hamilton Downtown Family YMCA Men's Residence
  • More than 150 vulnerable youth were supported through our anti-human trafficking program
  • Over 400 virtual health and wellness classes are available to people of all ages through our Virtual YMCA at YWeAreHere.ca
  • 2,060 children and families were supported through essential YMCA Preschool and Before and After School Child Care programs
  • Our 100% donor-funded YMCA Beyond the Bell™ program continued to support learning and development of at-risk children through in-person and virtual programming