Ella's Story

Ella Woerhle

Meet Ella. She’s a 12-year-old athlete playing a variety of sports and she’s been coming to the YMCA with her family since she was a baby. Ella does gymnastics, plays soccer, takes part in skating lessons, and she swims and trains at the Y alongside her parents and brother.

“I like to swim and go on the bars. I have fun at the Y,” she says.

Ella loves to go to the Les Chater Family YMCA, where after weight training or doing sprints on the treadmill, she likes to head over to the Hamilton Public Library to spend some quiet time.

Just a dozen years old, Ella has gained so much strength during her time at the Y that she can now do the full set of monkey bars on the Queenax.

With the YMCA, Ella has been able to thrive! The Y not only helped her discover her hidden strengths, but has also given her and her family a supportive community where they can all shine!

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