Youth volunteering at the YMCA

Last year, more than 1,100 YMCA volunteers gave their time to help people learn, grow, and thrive, right here in our community.

Volunteers make a significant contribution and you can too by volunteering with the YMCA.  

Volunteer Roles

There are many types of volunteer roles across our Association. Whether supporting our programs and events or providing expertise and leadership, volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Whatever your talents, interests, or schedule, there is an opportunity for you to give back through the YMCA.

Volunteering is open to people age 12 and up. 

Get Started
If you're interested in a volunteer role with the YMCA, we invite you to apply today. Please complete the Volunteer Application Form and print or save it to your computer.  You may then take your application to the branch you would like to volunteer at or email it directly to:
Brantford Family YMCA:           
Flamborough Family YMCA:     
Hamilton Downtown Family YMCA:
Les Chater Family YMCA:          
Ron Edwards Family YMCA: