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To learn more about YMCA Child Care, please review the Parent Handbook.

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We're looking for energetic people who want to nurture the potential of children in a before and after school setting.

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"I miss doing things with my friends."

In a recent survey of Canadian families, 70% reported their child's mental health had worsened during the pandemic. YMCA programs support the physical and social development of children. Help us bring kids back.

3.8 - 12 years

Registration for new children begins April 19
Start & End Every School Day on a Healthy Note!

YMCA School Age Child Care (SACC), a licensed* child care program for children 3.8 to 12 years, provides children with a seamless day in one location right at their own school. 

There's no need for a child to spend time on their own or sitting in front of a screen.

At YMCA SACC, your child will spend before and after school time making new friends and developing healthy habits. 

Children thrive when everyone feels a sense of belonging and free to explore, learn, and have fun together.

That's what's waiting for your child at YMCA School Age Child Care. 

2021/2022 School Year

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PLEASE NOTE: The YMCA School Age Child Care program delivery model may differ for the Fall 2021/2022 school year, based on directives from the Minister of Education and public health authorities.

What sets YMCA Child Care apart?

The YMCA is a leader in child care, operating with consistent best practices and standards across the country. 
Every program is staffed by YMCA trained professionals, selected for their educational background and aptitude for working with children.
The result is a safe, nurturing and enjoyable way for your child to begin and end each school day.
A Place to Connect Curriculum
Our goal is to make YMCA Before and After School Care programs the most enriching places for school age children in Canada. Research shows that children flourish in programs that are structured to let them shape the program, by providing opportunities for choice and leadership with a focus on strengths and the development of skills and relationships. Our YMCA A Place to Connect™ curriculum brings a high-quality approach to how we deliver Before and After School Care programs.
* All YMCA Child Care programs are licensed under the Child Care and Early Years Act with regular evaluation to ensure quality in Child Care practices. They are also inspected annually to confirm compliance by Ministry standards. The end result is a safe, nurturing environment to begin and end their day at school.

There are more than 90 SACC locations in Hamilton, Burlington and Brantford. To find a SACC centre near you go to YMCA locations and use the postal code or map view to see local services.

YMCA School Age Child Care Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday

Location Morning Dropoff Afternoon Pickup
Hamilton 7:30am until school day begins End of school until 6:00pm
Burlington 7:00am until school day begins End of school until 6:00pm
Brantford 7:00 am until school day beings End of school until 6:00pm

Enrolment Options

The YMCA provides a flexible registration model because we realize that the needs of families vary.

  • Full-time participants will be at SACC 5 days per week
  • Can be registered for mornings only, afternoons only or both (fees vary accordingly).
  • Part-time participation requires a commitment of two days a week (minimum)
  • Can be registered part-time mornings only, part-time afternoons only or part time mornings and afternoons combined.


For fee information, please download the Letter to New Families for your region:

Find a SACC location near you

Program Materials

Registration Forms

How to Register

Enrollment is on a first-come, first serve basis. Enrollment forms are available below. Due to COVID-19 closures, registrations will only be accepted online through our website. Beginning on April 19th, completed registration forms can be uploaded directly through our website. Forms can either be printed, completed, scanned and uploaded or completed electronically, saved to your device and then uploaded to the site. 

Are spaces guaranteed?

Spaces are allotted on a first come, first serve basis. Incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned by mail. Please complete your forms in full to avoid disappointment.

*Note for Brantford registrants only*
Any new families looking to register in a Brantford SACC program, please click here to go on a waiting list for our programs. When a space becomes available, our staff will be in contact to discuss registration. You do not need to complete any forms until you have heard from our staff.

Registration Forms:
Please complete all three forms below:
Registration Form

Method of Payment Form

Exchange of Information

Medical and Other Forms:
Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

Complete and submit with registration if your child has an anaphylaxis allergy.

Administration of Medication Form
Complete and submit with registration if your child requires medication during program time (e.g. inhalers, allergy medications, etc.).

Distribution of Payments Between Payees Form (Cost-splitting agreement)
Complete and submit if the cost of SACC is being split between individuals.

Change of Status Form
Complete if you wish to change your current enrolment status (e.g. move from full time to part time). SACC requires two weeks notice from the day the Change of Status form is received in the SACC office.

To learn more about YMCA School Age Child Care, please view the Child Care Parent Handbook.

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Administration Offices

  • School Age Child Care (SACC) - Hamilton Office

    79 James Street South
    Hamilton, Ontario  L8P 2Z1
    p. 905.317.4916
    f. 905.317.4917


  • School Age Child Care (SACC) - Burlington Office

    500 Drury Lane
    Burlington, Ontario  L7R 2X2
    p. 905.632.5000 x. 6236
    f. 905.333.1767

  • School Age Child Care (SACC) - Brantford Office

    38 Darling Street - Suite 201
    Brantford, Ontario    N3T 6A8
    p. 519.752.4568
    f. 519.752.6580