Where learning water safety includes high fives

Keep your family safe around water.

It's a startling but true fact: drowning is one of the leading causes of preventable death in children. The YMCA believes it is critical for everyone to learn about water safety, learn how to swim and take preventative measures when near water.

If children know how to stay safe in and around water, swimming can be a lifelong source of fun and exercise. Instead of keeping your children away from water, help them learn fundamental water safety skills by enrolling them in lessons. These classes can provide them a new, exciting way to keep active and meet new friends.

Review these Water Safety Tips as a family to ensure everyone understands their role in staying safe around water.

YMCA Water Safety Tips

  • Always supervise children when they are near or in the water.
    Water Safety Tip 1
  • Be careful when swimming near strong currents
    Water Safety Tip 2
  • Look before you dive and make sure the water is deep enough
    Water Safety Tip 3
  • Ensure non-swimmers are always wearing a PFD when near or in the water
    Water Safety Tip 4
  • Make sure the entire family learns to swim
    Water Safety Tip 5
  • Never leave a child unattended in the bathtub
    Water Safety Tip 6
  • Play with care. Even the friendliest dunking game is dangerous
    Water Safety Tip 7
  • Don't use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision
    Water Safety Tip 8
  • Get trained in First Aid and CPR
    Water Safety Tip 9
  • Be sure to have proper fencing and a childproof gate around your pool area
    Water Safety Tip 10
  • Make sure your lifejacket or PFD fits correctly
    Water Safety Tip 11
  • Always wear your lifejacket or PFD when on a boat
    Water Safety Tip 12