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*We will not be offering Swim to Survive for the 2018-2019 school year*

Swim to Survive®  is delivered to local Grade 3 students to provide them with basic skills to survive a fall into deep water. The YMCA is a partner with the Lifesaving Society's Canadian Swim-to-Survive  program. Each year hundreds of area school children learn this basic survival skill at the YMCA.

Swim to Survive lessons are held during school hours and children are transported to a local YMCA. The program consists of:

  1. Three one-hour in-water lesssons where children are taught three skills in sequence: roll entry, tread water 1 minunte and swim 50 metres.
  2. Three in-classroom water safety lessons.

The Lifesaving Society recognizes that there is a wide range of aquatic training well beyond this minimum. We offer a full swim lesson program suitable for all ages and levels. Whether you need to learn basic survival skills, or want to become a Certified Lifeguard, you'll find an aquatics program that meets your needs.   

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