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YMCA educators focus on building responsive relationships with children in environments where they feel physically and emotionally safe to play, learn, and have fun.

Our YMCA educators are qualified professionals who receive extensive mentorship. The YMCA believes in lifelong learning and provides regular opportunities for educators to expand their skills both through the YMCA and external training. YMCA Child Care is a supportive team of educators who are connected and share resources, learning, and opportunities for growth.
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Educator Testimonials

 Beth Pipe, RECE

From a young age I always knew I wanted to have a career with children. Being an educator allows me to grow alongside the children in our care and create long-lasting relationships with families. I love watching children’s minds at work and the humour that they bring everyday. Witnessing a child succeed at something you have been working on is such a rewarding experience.
The early years are so important and I love that I am able to incorporate the YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum to encourage their growth and development. The YMCA’s core values of; caring, honesty, respect, inclusion, and responsibility, played a crucial part in why I chose to work at the YMCA. In my experiences so far, I have witnessed all of the core values in practice. One of my ambitions is to grow within the organization and to challenge myself when new experiences arise.

 Jacqueline Thompson, Inclusion Support Facilitator

My work as a Day Camp counselor, Helping Hands Site Director, Beyond the Bell educator, and Inclusion Support Facilitator, has deepened my passion for working with children, families, and community partners to create inclusive, safe, and engaging experiences for children.
I have grown professionally and personally through my YMCA committee and program participation. This involvement has given me opportunities to collaborate with individuals from different departments, all levels of management and in many geographical areas (Locally, nationally, and globally), broadening my perspective and learning to be an effective leader within the YMCA organization.
Working for an organization that has core values of caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and belonging, a clear mission and vision is important to me. I appreciate working within an organization that truly embraces these foundational principles in the work we do in the community. I see firsthand the positive impact the YMCA is making throughout Hamilton/ Burlington/ Brantford communities, particularly those who are vulnerable and in need. This is what brings deep meaning and satisfaction to my work and personal life.

Jessi Pokonzie, Child Care Supervisor

The YMCA feels like home every time I walk through any of its always welcoming doors. I first joined the YMCA as a college student beginning my journey to become a Registered Early Childhood Educator. After receiving amazing support and guidance I knew I wanted to be a part of this team. After graduation I started my employment as a supply educator and not long after that I became a full time Registered Early Childhood Educator.
For roughly ten years, I worked alongside amazing educators providing care to infant, toddler and preschool children. I cared for each child with love and care individualized to their unique personalities and needs. I built strong, trusting bonds with amazing families who still remain in my heart. It was through these experiences that I was able to build a specialized skill set that allowed me to grow into my current role of Childcare Supervisor where I now guide, support and mentor our amazing team of educators.
My trust and appreciation for the YMCA goes far beyond my employment. Both my son and daughter began in YMCA child care as toddlers and remain in the YMCA Before and After School programs today.

Nishi Varshnei, Curriculum Facilitator 

Working for the YMCA has been very rewarding experience. I started as an educator, became a team lead and I am now a curriculum facilitator. In my current role I get to collaborate with hard-working, intelligent colleagues who are dedicated to creating an engaging environment for children in our programs. We all bring different perspectives to creating an inclusive end product. At the YMCA there is room to grow and many opportunities for professional development. I have also gained the ability to provide constructive feedback and expand my knowledge in the childcare field. One of the most fulfilling parts of my job is the knowledge that I am contributing to the community while growing as a person and a professional. I can see the impact it makes on families.

Meena Mattay, Educator/Child Care Supervisor

My work as an educator at the YMCA School Age Child Care program has given me the opportunity to fulfill my passion of working with children. Since an early age, I wanted to be an educator or work with children. After graduating from York University with an Honours Degree in Sociology and Political Science, specializing in children’s issues, I attempted to pursue a career working with children. My career path took me in different directions. After seeing a position on the YMCA job postings, I found a job that would fulfill my passion.
I have worked with the YMCA School Age Child Care Program as an Educator at the Earl Kitchener site for the last nine years. As an Educator I enjoy watching the children in my program grow and develop. I love making a positive connection with each child and their families. Thanks to the YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum and our Program Plan which incorporates this, it has been a great experience to see children develop their interests. I am proud to be a mentor and watch them succeed at what they are creating. Even after the children have left our program, it is so rewarding to see a child come to acknowledge and remember you. The YMCA has provided me with a wonderful work experience.