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Financial Performance and Executive Accountability

As a charitable organization, we are committed to transparent and ethical management of funds.

The YMCA is committed to ensuring that:

  • We work closely with our donors to ensure the wishes and expectations around their gift are met.
  • We treat donors respectfully and with gratitude for their generosity and support.
  • We carefully manage all fundraising costs to ensure maximum benefit to our community.
  • We provide reports on how we use the funds we collect to ensure transparent management of all contributions.
  • We ensure the accuracy of all communication materials to confirm they correctly reflect our mission.
  • We prepare and issue tax receipts for monetary gifts, in full compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • The YMCA and its related constituents never disclose privileged or confidential information to unauthorized parties.
  • We engage in ethical fundraising and adhere to Imagine Canada’s Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.

The YMCA Investment Policy and Gift Acceptance Policy also provide details related to practices for the responsible stewardship of funds.

Executive Accountability
As part of the YMCA's commitment to transparency, the YMCA Board of Directors, supports the public disclosure of the President & CEO's Employment Contract and Expenses.

The President & CEO's Employment Contract is developed, reviewed and approved by the YMCA of Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford Board of Directors.

The President & CEO's Expenses are posted on a quarterly basis and include travel, meal and expense claims for the previous quarter. As per, the YMCA Travel & Meal Expense Policy, expenses are paid based on receipt of a completed expense claim with supporting receipts. Approval of President & CEO expenses is a responsibility of the Chair, YMCA Board of Directors. For questions regarding the information, please contact the Vice President, Marketing & Communications Department
at 905-529-7102 ext. 7311.

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