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YMCA Wanakita Staff Education Scholarship Application

About the Staff Applicant

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Living expenses for the school year

School Expenses


In 1-2 pages, separate from this form, please respond to the following questions and attach them to this application:

  1. Describe your YMCA Wanakita or other YMCA residential camping experience.
  2. Describe the educational program you are planning to undertake or are currently undertaking.
  3. Describe your career objectives.
  4. Explain why you should be considered for this award.

Enclose two letters in support of this application from individuals in a position to comment on your contributions, future potential, etc… It is recommended that one of the letters be from a YMCA Wanakita or camp related source e.g. supervisor, section director, counsellor, Camp Director.

For those reapplying for an education award please enclose a copy of your prior year transcripts.