What's missing from this picture?  You paddling a piece of YMCA Wanakita history!

YMCA Wanakita is auctioning off the old cedar strip canoes. This is your last chance to own an iconic piece of Wanakita history. However, please note that these boats were well used and have been stored outdoors for many years. Some require a lot of work to make them sea-worthy.  Please see below for a better understanding of the varying condition of these canoes.

Approximately 15 canoes will be put up for auction. The photos below show examples of the different conditions by category. (Sorry images of Category 5 examples are not available at this time.)

Canoe Conditions
Category 1: Minimal to no rips in canvas, and/or minimal to no rotting
Category 2: Some rips in canvas, and/or some rotting
Category 3: Major rips in canvas, and/or large rot
Category 4: No Canvas lining the hull, but in fairly good condition
Category 5: Major structural damage, or has been cut in half (suitable for a "canoe shelf")


You can view  the full array of historic cedar strip canoes to help you decide which canoe suits you best from 9:00 - 11:00 on auction day. If you can't make it to the live auction, we'll help you participate through absentee bidding.

Live Auction11:00am
Saturday June 10, 2017
Viewing / float testing begins at 9:00am.

For further details please contact:

Sarah Bell
1.800.387.5081 ext.2245

Sample Canoes for Auction