Group ready to paddle

Are there any rules of the site I should be aware of?

On the first day of your program, our community meeting will outline a theme of caring - caring for yourself, for others and for the environment. All site rules will be detailed to campers at that time. Campers are asked to stay within the stated site boundaries at all times unless with a Wanakita staff. There can be no swimming or boating at Wanakita unless supervised by Wanakita staff. A Personal Floatation Device (PFD) must always be worn during boating activities.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Campers will be staying in either cabins with washrooms and showers or without, depending on which side of the site they are on. Each cabin has electricity, lights and bunks with mattresses. Please bring your own bedding. Each cabin has at least one separate room with a bunk bed, so if you are coming with a school group, teachers are welcome to either stay in the cabin with the students or stay in a central teacher cabin and supervise the students from there. Students are not permitted to enter anyone else's cabin.

How are the meals?

We're committed to healthy living and an integral part of that is serving campers delicious and nutritious meals that sustain them throughout all the fun. Meals and snacks are planned by our full-time Food Services team. We give special attention to dietary requirements, age of participants, program content and length of stay. We can accommodate allergies, vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher needs. Portions are hearty in size and are served family and buffet style, or on out-trips - beneath the open skies. Make sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or information on your registration.

We understand that some campers have severe, sometimes life-threatening allergies to nuts and other food. Our Food Services team chooses ingredients and designs menus to minimize the risk to these children and our Tuck Shop does not sell any items containing nuts. When packing, please do not send any product that may contain nut ingredients.

What should I pack?

Plan for all types of weather. Pack clothing that will keep you warm and dry. We suggest wearing several layers of light clothing rather than one or two heavy articles. Try to bring boots which are flat and soft-soled to snowshoe. All things must be packed into one pack or suitcase and one bedroll - you must carry your gear to your cabin.