School Group Canoeing

We believe some of the best learning happens outside the classroom.

For more than 20 years, YMCA Wanakita has been working with schools to provide custom designed programs to help teachers achieve their classroom goals. Programs can be hand-picked by teachers and leaders to accommodate the needs of their students. Most programs can be linked to Ontario curriculum as well as focused learning in environmental studies or wilderness adventure.

At YMCA Wanakita, students learn hands on. Whether it's developing an appreciation for the earth's energy and resources or learning the components and techniques necessary to build an effective fire, we value the learning process as much as the lesson. We help students clearly understand the purpose of the activity upfront and offer debriefing to help students identify valuable outcomes and reflect on their experience.

Setting the Tone

All programs and activity options encourage participants to personally challenge themselves. Our setting exposes students to new activities, skills and adventure that foster growth and leadership.

Our staff are experts in leading activities that build trust, communication and set the tone for strong team-building. We have a variety of team-building elements such as the Initiative Wall, Ropes Courses and other activities that are designed to:

  • Promote group interaction and cooperation
  • Provide an avenue to initiate creativity
  • Draw upon each individual's resources
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual support
  • Increase personal levels of agility and physical coordination

Activity options include:

  • Action Auction
  • Archery
  • Beaver Dam Hike
  • Big Group / Wide Games
  • Campfire
  • Canoeing
  • Compass Orienteering
  • Cookout Lunch
  • Crafts
  • Discovery Orienteering
  • Eco-Games
  • First Aid
  • Hebertisme
  • High Ropes Adventure
  • Initiative Challenges
  • Kayaking
  • Leadership Programs
  • Night Hikes
  • Night Ski
  • Overnight on Lake
  • Scavination
  • Skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Survival
  • Theatre Sports
  • Wanakita Air Land Olympics
  • Wilderness & Environmental Pursuits

Our Outdoor Centre group rates are offered in 24 hour billing periods. Prices are all inclusive (meals, equipment, instruction, lodging).

For more information or to inquire about availability, please contact us.