Paddling lesson at YMCA Wanakita in the fall

Our Fall 2021 Programs have been cancelled. Information about any upcoming programs/Winter will be posted as soon as possible.

(Updated AUGUST 18, 2021)

Camping at YMCA Wanakita is a year-round experience and each season has something new to offer. Throughout the fall, winter and spring, YMCA Wanakita offers a variety of programs for schools, universities, colleges, businesses, adults, families and special interest groups of all ages. Whether venturing to camp for one, two, or even five days, our staff take pride in ensuring that all individual and group goals are met.

Custom Designed Programs

Custom designed programs are planned and delivered cooperatively between group leaders attending the program and YMCA Wanakita's exceptional Outdoor Centre staff.

Whether you are a school, business or club, the activities, schedules, goals and objectives are created to meet the needs of each group. Some activity options include: outdoor pursuits, wilderness adventure, cultural and environmental learning, group team building, personal challenge, social, recreation and wellness.

Programs can be hand-picked by teachers / leaders to accommodate the needs of their students / participants. Most programs can be linked to Ontario curriculum, as well as having a focused learning, such as environmental studies or wilderness adventure.

Our Outdoor Centre group rates are offered in 24 hour billing periods. Prices are all inclusive (meals, equipment, instruction, lodging).

Independent Programs

Independent programs are provided for those who wish to rent all or part of YMCA Wanakita for day or overnight experiences. This option is for self-run groups. YMCA Wanakita staff are not involved in program delivery.

Buildings, program areas, equipment, food service and accommodation are all available depending on the needs of the group. YMCA Wanakita staff will provide behind-the-scenes support to ensure the group's objectives are met. Examples of independent programs are retreats, dinner/dances, conferences and workshops.

Prices will vary depending on the needs of your group. Please contact our Outdoor Centre Director directly for more information on price and available dates.