Female campers canoeing
YMCA Wanakita provides a wide range of activities where campers are able to develop their technical skills under the instruction of our trained and experienced staff. While campers will have the opportunity to experience many of these areas with their cabin groups, they choose preferred areas of interest for their daily Personal Choice Activities (PCAs).

PCAs are selected in order of preference during registration. They are filled on a first come basis.

Number of PCAs by Camp Program

Program # of PCAs
Kita 2
Junior 4
Intermediate 4
Senior Traditional 2
Senior Specialty 4
Senior Trippers N/A
Student Counsellors N/A
Day Campers N/A

Acoustic Guitar (Intermediates and up)

Learn how to play basic chords or move to the next level. Campers will have the opportunity to perform their new skills at for other campers and staff.

Air Adventure & Initiatives

Based on the “challenge by choice” model, campers can participate in challenging and cooperative activities. Activities include team building, high ropes, low ropes, climbing wall, and much more.


Learn to shoot to varying distances and find out who the real Robin Hoods are. Participants are rewarded with Wanakita levels as they learn beginner and more advanced techniques.

Arts & Crafts

From nature crafts to screen printing, typical activities include sketching, beading, candle making, mural painting, collages, and much more. 


Campers learn about boating safety, tandem and solo paddling skills, and play skill-enhancing and fun games. 

Court/Field Sports

Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, volleyball and soccer are some examples of the programs available. Campers will learn the rules of play and basic skills, while developing positive attitudes towards competition, health, and personal challenge.


Campers learn new steps and styles of dance while working towards performing at our weekly arts presentation. The dance styles vary depending on the age, interests, and abilities of each PCA group.

Environmental Stewardship

New in 2020, this PCA aims to build on participants knowledge and understanding of caring for the environment in their community through activities including gardening, composting and recycling. Participants will learn how to be environmental stewards who can help their home communities minimize their environmental impact.


Earn YMCA Wanakita’s own awards, from levels I to III. Flatwater skills are emphasized, while advanced paddlers can progress to learning whitewater theory and techniques on the flatwater. 

Mountain Biking (Senior Campers only)

Safety and proper riding technique will be taught and then practiced on YMCA Wanakita’s 25km trail system. A great way to explore and discover the great outdoors.

Paddle Making (12 Years & Up)

Selecting from a variety of pre-shaped templates of Tulipwood templates, campers will learn to shape, sand, and finish a paddle that is truly unique to them. Please note that there is an additional cost of $40 for the paddle blank.

Sailing (Counts as 2 PCA choices for one week)

Experienced instructors teach basic sailing skills, knots, and tips on how to read the wind on our fleet of Hobie Wave catamarans and PICOs. Campers will have a chance to earn Wanakita sailing awards based on the practical skills they learn during their week of PCAs. 

Theatre Arts

Campers come away from this program with a sense of accomplishment and increased self-confidence while developing and performing plays, singing, and learning a number of drama games. 

Wilderness & Environmental Pursuits (WEP)

Campers will gain knowledge and an appreciation of our natural world and their place in it. The focus will be on YMCA Wanakita’s amazing wetland area and 1000 acres of flora and fauna. This program also includes an extensive outdoor living program including outdoor cooking, fire-building, minimum impact camping, navigation skills, weather forecasting, knots and other camping skills.

Advanced Wilderness Skills (Seniors Only)

In addition to the WEP program, Senior Campers further refine their outdoor living skills in areas such as advanced fire-lighting techniques , knots and other practical knowledge that can be used for tripping and wilderness survival.  

Boardsailng (12 Years and Up. Counts as 2 PCA choices)

Our hybrid Stand Up/Windsurf boards give campers a well rounded experience. Participants can become comfortable balancing on the stand up paddle board and then grab a sail to develop their windsurfing skills. Campers will learn safety tips, basic maneuvering skills and how to read the wind during their week of PCAs.


Our qualified staff instruct campers in YMCA Canada Swim Program levels from Learn-to-Swim to Star 7.  Campers will also have an opportunity to participate in a variety of water based activities, including the water trampoline.

A note about Swimming: All campers and Student Counsellors are tested on their swimming ability on the first day of camp, and receive a coloured wristband based on their demonstrated comfort and skill level in the water. Our base swimming level is a non-stop 125 meter swim in our swimming area. Swim lessons are not compulsory for those who do not attain at least the base level, although they are recommended.

Learn to Swim Equivalency Chart

YMCA Red Cross Lifesaving Society
Splashers Starfish AquaTots 1
Bubblers Duck AquaTots 2, 3
Bobbers Sea Turtle Preschool A
Floaters Salamander Preschool B
Gliders Sunfish Preschool C
Divers Crocodile Preschool D
Surfers Whale Preschool E
Dippers Whale Preschool E
Otter Level 1 Swimmer 1
Seal Level 2 Swimmer 1
Dolphin Level 3 Swimmer 2
Swimmer Level 4 Swimmer 3
Star 1 Level 5 Swimmer 3
Star 2 Level 6 Swimmer 3
Star 3 Level 7 Swimmer 4
Star 4 Level 8 Swimmer 5
Star 5 Level 9 Swimmer 6
Star 6 Level 10 Swimmer 6