Is this Family Camp?
For our experienced Family Campers, the shared experiences with your family will remain the same,
however activities, programs and communal dining have been modified to support enhanced health
and safety protocols to keep everyone safe. Families will be expected to remain with their own family and
interactions with other campers will be limited.

Many programs will be self-guided with only a limited number of our staff programs offered, but
our team is still here to make sure you have a great family getaway.
As an annual Family Camper will I get to keep my preferred family cabin at Family Camp (East) in 2022 if I switch to Wanakita West for this summer?
Yes! Family Campers who were registered to attend Family Camp in 2020 will be given first right of
refusal to the cabin and week they were registered to attend during the 2022 pre-registration period.
If I choose not to register for Family Lodge will we lose our family’s spot and cabin at Family Camp in Summer 2022?
No! Family Campers who were registered to attend Family Camp in 2020 will be given first right of
refusal to the cabin and week they were registered to attend during the 2022 pre-registration period
regardless of whether or not you attend Family Lodge in 2021.
Will families outside of Canada be able to register?
Unfortunately for summer 2021, we will not be able to permit families from outside of Canada to register.
I have friends at camp. Will I be able to see them? 

Our family programs provide a wonderful opportunity for families to meet new people and reconnect with
friends. For the safety of everyone, we must adhere to physical distancing measures but interactions at
a distance are still possible. Additionally, families are asked to remain on the side of Wanakita in which they have booked their vacation.

Can I book for more than one week?

Absolutely! Note that if you are booking two weeks back-to-back, your family must leave site during the changeover from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

What is your cancellation policy?
The 15% deposit (admin fee) is non-refundable, regardless of when you cancel. If you wish to cancel, please notify us in writing no later than April 30th, 2021 in order to receive a full refund less the non-refundable program deposit.

After April 30th, 2021, refunds will be given for medical reasons only (with medical certification/
doctor’s note).

All withdrawal/cancellation requests must be made in writing usually through email. Refunds will not be granted if a family leaves camp early, or if a family is sent home for a breach of conditions of enrollment.
What programs will be offered?
This is your family’s vacation and you may choose to spend it how you wish. Many programs will be selfguided, including open paddling and wind sports, using hiking trails, signing out sports and game
equipment, and other fun activities that you choose with your own family. A limited number of staff-led
programs will be offered. All programs and activities will adhere to health and safety protocols, including
capacity limitations and physical distancing.
What health and safety measures regulations will be put in place at YMCA Wanakita to reduce the transmission of COVID-19?
Nothing is more important that the health and safety of our campers and staff. We are following all regulations and guidelines from our government and public health officials to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We have enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices and have implemented new safety measures to promote physical distancing. These new measures include:

Masks Required Indoors:
Masks must be worn indoors at all times with the following exceptions:
  • In the privacy of your family cabin
  • Showering 
  • Seated at a table for meals in one of our dining locations.
Masks Required Outdoors:
Masks are required outdoors when it is not possible to maintain appropriate social distancing, while attending programs or using communal program areas.

Meals To-Go:
Our dining experience will be modified to accommodate cohorted single-family meals, in several dining locations at camp, which include limited indoor seating, dining tents and picnic tables at all cabins.

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization:
Shared washrooms and showers will have enhanced cleaning schedules, capacity limits and booked times for families to shower.

Health and safety measures may change or evolve or as directed by public health authorities.
How will families be screened prior to attending camp? Will we be required to self-isolate prior to attending?
Families will receive an information package 72 hours ahead of their stay, which will include details about Health Screenings, COVID-19 protocols, health and safety instructions and other important notices by public health. All members of the family will be required to complete a Health Screening prior to arriving at Wanakita and during their stay.
What happens if someone has COVID-19 symptoms while at Wanakita Lodge?
All families will be required to complete a Health Screening prior to arriving at Wanakita and during their stay. We ask that all families are diligent in monitoring and forthcoming about any developing COVID-19 symptoms. Should someone develop COVID-19 symptoms during their stay, they will be required to leave the site and follow public health directives. The family will be provided with a prorated refund.
How will shared washrooms and showers work for Family Lodge?

Each washroom will have capacity limitations which will be posted at the entranceway. Masks must be worn in washrooms except when brushing teeth and showering.

Can I apply for financial assistance? 

Yes, we have a limited amount of financial assistance available, on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here for more information.