Camp fire
Every Wanakita camper knows that camp traditions are sacred. After 60 years of camping, is there anything more sacred than the challenge of past generations of campers encouraging you to test your limits and embrace all that camp has to offer?
At the opening camp fire of each session, the Wanakita Charter is dug up from the ground and read to campers. And the challenge is on…

YMCA Wanakita Charter

We who have been before challenge you, who are the present, to make new friends, renew old friendships, experience new skills, discover and appreciate nature and outdoor life, to participate fully in all activities that are offered to you, and to create memories that last a lifetime.
You are challenged to learn that YMCA Wanakita is not just the buildings, the land, and the lake, but the people. It is the people that become so much a part of us while we are here.
Finally, we challenge you to keep your sense of fun and adventure, that no matter what your age, to be healthy in spirit, mind and body, and to make YMCA Wanakita what it really is… a place to have the time of your life.

At closing campfire, the Charter is read again. Having met the challenge asked of them at the beginning of camp, the Charter is once again buried for the next session of campers to dig up. And for 60 years this tradition has carried on - from session to session, summer to summer, generation to generation.

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