Senior volunteering at the YMCA

Does an individual have to be a member before they can volunteer?

While our focus is to promote and encourage volunteerism through our membership base, we welcome and encourage YMCA members and non-members to get connected to their community through volunteering. If a volunteer is a non-member and therefore does not have membership privileges, access to the facility will need to be arranged with the centre on the day of volunteering. YMCA memberships are not provided to volunteers.

How do I apply to be a volunteer?

All potential volunteers will be asked to complete an application form. The form is available online or at each of the membership centres. The application form will then be reviewed by the Volunteer Coordinator to determine what roles are suitable and available.

Do I need references?

On the application form, you will be asked to identify three references. Volunteers that commit to 10 hours or more for the year (formal volunteers) will be asked to provide a Criminal Reference Check issued within 6 months of the start of a volunteer placement. References will be checked as part of the interview process.

What kind of volunteer jobs are available?

There are numerous volunteer positions available at the YMCA for varying lengths of time, such as ongoing volunteer opportunities and one time event opportunities. Volunteering is about sharing your skills with others and learning new ones! 

Is there a deadline for applying to be a volunteer?

A majority of the volunteer positions are ongoing and as a result the YMCA continually accepts volunteer applications. Your application will be reviewed and if there is a suitable opportunity that matches the position(s) and time(s) you have indicated you will be contacted to attend a personal interview. Due to the high volume of applications received only those being considered for a volunteer position will be contacted. For event volunteers there will be deadlines for applications that coincide with the timing of the event.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

With a focus on youth leadership, individuals can volunteer at the YMCA starting at the age of 12. Parental consent will be required for all volunteers under the age of 18.

Is there a dress code for volunteering?

All volunteers will be asked to maintain a professional image at all times when volunteering at the YMCA. There are several roles in program that are required to wear a YMCA uniform. This uniform (usually in the form of a shirt) will be provided by the YMCA at no cost to the volunteer.