Young male in pool

Jump into swim lessons

The YMCA offers swim lessons for all ages because we know that comfort in the water may one day save a life.


Y Move building physical skills for life

A new physical literacy program developed by the YMCA and Sport for Life.

What is physical literacy?

Physical literacy is the early building blocks that keep children motivated and confident to take pleasure in physical activity as as a lifelong habit.

Why is it important? Why should my child participate?

Developing physical literacy gives kids the confidence, competence and motivation to jump inot a pick-up game of soccer or basketball, or to participate in any kind of physical activity. Physical literacy contributes to a child's desire and ability to participate in any kind of physical activitiy or play, not just in high performance sport.

What's different about this program?

Y Move is an opportunity to develop skills around any type of movement. Children will progress through levels of skill development, similar to swim lessons.

What does the program look like?

Y Move is a land-based program. YMCA members are entitled to one continuous weekly time slot per child. Typical activities will include games that get kids balancing, jumping, falling, running, hopping, skipping and rolling. 

What are the outcomes and benefits?

Your child will have the confidence, competence and motivation to participate in any kind of physical activity resulting in both better health and social outcomes. 

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