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Need some advice on where to start? YMCA Fitness Coaching will give you three complimentary visits with a YMCA Fitness Coach. Your Coach will walk (or run) you through some basic fitness activities to help you feel comfortable at the YMCA and get your active lifestyle off to a successful start.

Session 1 - Cardio
Your Coach will demonstrate the proper use of various pieces of cardio equipment and instruct you how to use them safely. Session 1 includes a discussion about your goals, motivators and proper warm up and cool down technique.

Session 2 - Resistance Training
This session will build upon learnings from your first session by warming you up on cardio equipment before challenging major muscle groups. Your Coach will assist you in the safe set up and execution of exercises using machine weights.

Session 3 - Member's Choice
In your third session your coach will customize a fitness program that focuses on your personal health goals. Your coach will help you determine your next steps and explain how to access group classes, personal training and additional YMCA programs.

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