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Summer 2020 Guide

Find full program details in the YMCA Day Camps Summer 2020 guide.

In Leader in Training Level 3 your camper will improve their skills by volunteering at an indoor camp and preparing for Junior Counselor positions the following year. They will continue to build skills in a 4-week placement at an indoor day camp site, observing and shadowing a camp counsellor. During the last week they will deliver a large group game, a low organized game (LOG) and an arts and crafts activity.

Leader in Training Level 3 is free; however, participants are still required to register. Participation can be documented and verified for school or extra-curricular requirements. Participants are responsible for their own transportation.

Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2.

Available weeks 2-5 and 6-9. Must attend full four week session.

If you are interested in an LIT 3 placement for a child with special needs, please call 905-317-4907.

City of Burlington campers who have completed LIT JR and SR may be considered for placement. Call 905.317.4929.

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