People using TRX suspension trainer

Try TRX Suspension Training

This group fitness class offers a fast and effective total-body workout which is sure to kick-start your new year. 

FLEX will help put a stronger you into motion. This program is for a confident exerciser looking to push the limits and maximize strength.


You are looking to...

  • increase lean body mass
  • burn more calories
  • improve your quality of life (lower your stress)

FLEX will...

  • increase confidence, make you stronger
  • increase lean body mass
  • improve quality of life
  • improve athletic performance (weight lifting, sports, etc...)
  • improve bone density
  • improve muscle quality

The FLEX program is 90 days in duration. New exercises will be released on Day 30 and Day 60.

Support Available

  • Orientation sessions
  • Staff support
  • YThrive health and fitness tips