YThrive is an exercise program that will help you improve your health and physical performance or help you take more control of your life and achieve results. It provides you with the support to get started, the flexibility to do it on your own, results to stay motivated, and the opportunities to connect with others just like you.

Each workout is designed to be 50-minutes in length, and every 90 days you get a new routine and a new set of results to work toward. YThrive has three streams based on your familiarity with fitness and fitness level. The FLEX stream is for a confident exerciser looking to maximize strength and muscle gain, the BOOST stream is for an occasional or active exerciser looking to maintain a healthy weight or lifestyle.; whereas the BALANCE stream is for individuals looking to improve their overall health, increase energy levels and lead a more active lifestyle.

The biggest difference between YThrive and personal training is that unlike personal training, this program requires no additional cost, appointment times or locked in contract. YThrive also gives you the ability to meet with a group in a social setting, is less formal, and can be completed at your own time/schedule, whereas with personal training you work one-on-one with a trainer.

No, this is slightly different. YThrive is for someone who is familiar with fitness and is interested in being part of a team atmosphere but wanting to go it alone. Our wellness coaching is designed for someone who has little to no fitness experience, wants a one-on-one approach and is looking for additional support in the weight room.

That is great that you have a routine.

YThrive is designed to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals faster! The 50-minute, 2-3x week program is designed by experts to fit your lifestyle and help you get the results you want. At 30 and 60 days you will be introduced to 1-2 new exercises and this is important to overcome plateaus. Plus, there is a dedicated team of fitness experts to support you with every step.

That’s great that you want to train with your friend but there are many benefits to joining the program. If you come to the orientation and take part in the program you will get a personal workout card where you will be able to track and chart your progress. It’s important to track your success, fitness level, and ensure you’re not plateauing. Not only that, but you’d be part of the Ythrive group, which means you get communications about the program, new exercises and are the first to know about new program releases.

It’s fairly difficult to guarantee results but we can guarantee you a proven program designed by a team of experts that will provide you with the support and motivation to keep going. If you stick with the program you’ll experience faster results, better health and increase energy.

The YThrive BOOST and BALANCE streams will not make you any bigger or bulk up. Creating lean muscle mass will increase your resting metabolism, which allows you to trim inches, move better and increase your overall energy.

There is not a food program included in this program. We do encourage anyone who has food-related questions to seek the advice and expertise of a nutritionist. As we continue to grow and expand the program, we look to bring nutritional advice sessions into the branches to support the program and our members.