Young boy working on school work
Dec 26 - All YMCA Health Fitness & Aquatics Centres are temporarily closed due to the Provincial lockdown. All active memberships have been placed on hold for the duration of the lockdown. For complete info please read our Updates to Members.
YMCA Beyond the Bell™ is a vital program for local children in high-priority neighbourhoods designed to support academic achievement and personal development. Many of the children in our program live in homes where healthy and nutritious meals and snacks may be unaffordable.  

The science is clear.  

Given the typically high-cost of healthy fruits, vegetables and other essential food items, children who grow-up in food-insecure homes are more likely to eat unhealthy foods which are typically more affordable. This makes learning and concentration difficult and often results in children lagging behind their peers academically, physically and emotionally. 

As part of our program, we ensure all children get the healthy, nutritious snacks they need to support learning and their overall development. 

You can help give local kids the basic needs in life, like nutritious snacks, and help them succeed by donating to the YMCA.