Proof of COVID-19 Vaccination: As of September 22, 2021, the Province of Ontario requires that all individuals* entering a gym facility, present proof of being fully vaccinated at every visit. Fully vaccinated is defined as 14 days after second dose. Proof of vaccination must be presented with government-issued ID. Children under 12 years of age are exempt.

A YMCA membership is a valuable tool that can help you and your family achieve a healthy lifestyle. As a charity, we are committed to providing opportunities for everyone in the community to participate in a YMCA program. Membership Assistance serves those individuals and families who have the greatest need in our community.

If you think you may qualify for Membership Assistance visit your local YMCA and request a private, confidential interview to discuss Membership Assistance.

Remember to bring

Option 1

Your most recent Notice of Assessment

Option 2

Current paystubs for each adult in the family (minimum one month)
Most recent bank statement

In addition, please bring documentation regarding all other sources of income applicable to you such as:

  • Student Finance
  • Child Support
  • Child Tax Credit

To activate your monthly membership payments, you will need to bring a void cheque, your VISA or MasterCard.

Things you should know about Membership Assistance
  • It is not possible to join the YMCA for free. Membership Assistance may be for you if you are unable, but not unwilling, to pay full fees. Everyone must pay a portion of the Membership Fee and the one-time Building Fee.
  • Your fee is determined based on income and household size. We require financial information to assess a fair membership fee suited to your payment abilities.
  • Money for Membership Assistance is provided by supporters who generously donate to the YMCA Strong Kids campaign, YMCA of Hamilton|Burlington|Brantford and  United Way.
  • As an applicant for YMCA Membership Assistance, you need to commit to making payments on time and using your membership a minimum twice a week on a regular basis. Using your membership twice a week ensures that YMCA resources support those who will benefit from membership.
How can you help the YMCA?

Volunteer - Everything we do is a partnership between volunteers and staff.

Share your story - If the YMCA makes a difference in your life or one of your family members, we want to hear about it. Send us an email or speak to one of our staff and let them know you'd like to share your story.